27 November 2005


i'm lovin' it. that is the line that can be used to describe how i am feeling for this period of time. the training teaches me a lot of stuff. more to learn actually. it has been already a month since i started. one more month to kill and i'm all done for it. and then i'll have to hit back to the books and exams again before i finally graduate.

i can't wait to have my diploma cert. time flies really fast. i couldn't believe myself that i've already been in college for 2 whole years!! imagine that!! and how many exams have i gone through but seems like nothing. all the deadlines that i have been rushing for, bla bla bla.

anyway, back to work tomorrow. though i dread waking up early in the morning [ at least i don't have to wake up at 5.30am or 6.00am]. what more, have to cramp myself with other people at the lrt station. that station is just packed with human beings. once i even have to missed two trains because there isn't any room for me to get in!! that is how bad the situation is.

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