07 November 2005

the lost keys

i found out my missing key this morning. one week away from work really messes me up. i took my sister's keys instead since she'll be home and won't be using it.

i searched almost all areas i could think of as i believe i must have left it somewhere there. but i left house without them.

i came home and asked my sisters if they have seen it. but neither of them has.

so, dissatisfied, i went up to my room to find again. i didn't go through the bags cos i turned them inside out this morning and it is confirmed that the keys were not there. i took a book and a few pieces of paper of my bed only to find my keys buried under them. it IS there all this while!!

i'm so stupid. my keys are like everything to me. i just feel uncomfortable carrying my sister's set of keys though the keys to the house are obviously the same. haha, i'm stupid. stupid enough to forget where i placed the keys all this while.

this isn't the first time anyway. i'm like the "i've been there, done that" slogan now.. ish!! geram sometimes..

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