07 November 2005


i just watched gol and gincu just now. don't get me wrong. i'm not addicted or wanting to play futsal just because i've watched the movie. you are so wrong if you have that thought in your mind seconds ago.

the movie actually reminds me of a lot of things. reminds me of the first time i ever stepped foot into a futsal court. to be more specific subang sports planet. the first time i ever played in a real game. though we lost because we girls are new to the game and the requirement for each team is that it MUST consists of girls. and since there are only 2 guys in my class at that time ( it was way back in semester 1 - 2005 ) so we girls have to play in it. no forcing. it was voluntarily.we did have a few games after the tournament.

unfortunately things started to slow down once we chose our majors. we head on our separate ways. though we still meet each other at college for lectures and during break hours. but we all now have different reasons. it is so hard to get all of us together because all have different commitments such as different assignments as our electives are different therefore creating different due dates. so different stay back time and days. different time tables.

gosh, i just miss it so much. the thing with all of us 18 girls and the 2 guys is that, surprisingly all 20 of us are interested into playing. no complains. no naggings. just lotsa fun. have all of us running in the court is something unforgettable. the movie really makes me want to cry for a moment. though we never have the thought to play like they play in the movie. but at least, we enjoy the company of each other. it is such a waste that we no longer have that.

all of us are doing on internship til the end of december. and next year for our last semester, hopefully we all get to kick some balls before most of us have plans to leave overseas.

i'm so missing them right now.

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