20 October 2005

derrick look alike

oh yes. i saw him again today. the third time. and i've decided to blog about him. how can some one be so alike? derrick foo!! if you are reading this, this goes out to you.

i saw this guy at kl sentral waiting for the same train as i am. he walks exactly like derrick from the back. the little hunch, and etc. everything! and when he turned, i couldn't help but stare at him. well, from a distance of course. he looks EXACTLY like derrick!! only that this guy is the thinner version of derrick.

the same hair style, the same eyes, the same lips and nose, oh well, actually the SAME FACE!! minus the chubbiness of the cheeks. serious. wasted i don't have a camera with me. or else i could have take his picture and let you evaluate him yourself. oh well, at least i still remember derrick's face although it has been a while since i last saw him.

how ya doing there? hope everything's well in adp. we are all going for practical soon. take care k?


Anonymous said...

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derrickflc said...

aiyer... chubby cheeks??? fine fine i'll ATTEMPT to make an effort to lose weight and have normal sized cheeks. and nope that ain't me. i do take the PUTRA lrt, but i don't stop at KL Sentral. =P

how can be same face la... i think u forgot how i look like already. so terrible... only remember my chubbiness. haihz...

anyways, enjoy working then! if you get paid, let me know when you going to cheng me eat dinner! thanks!!

see you soon... for dinner that is! =D

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