25 September 2005

arts for all carnival

date : 25th september 2005
venue: kiara equestrian (did i get the spelling right?)
time : 10am -6pm

ok, today is the arts for all carnival organized by ti-ratana community society. mom got herself a booth there as it is for charity. she wanted to like sell and advertise on her craft items (ranging from clay crafts, folk art, etc)

we reached there at 9am and started arranging the items and by 10 the thing started. there were several vips inclusive of the founder of the ti-ratana society. ling liong sik's wife, ena ling and ong ka ting's wife, wendy ong were there. founder of a cut above, winnie loo was also present. she's to fix the hair of models for the fashion show later on.

about 8-10 models were there for the fashion show. some known to me and some not. those known to me are .... rachel tan (miss chinese international 2004), gloria ting (ms malaysia 2004), the teh sisters, choy wan and may wan, emmeline ng (ms malaysia 2005).the event is ok. nothing much there. food, crafts, jumble sale, etc. as usual, the crowd are those i expect. =p

oh ya, i got to take pictures with several celebrities. let me recall, i took pictures with emmeline ng (gosh i just hope i got her name right) the newly crowned miss malaysia 2005, the teh sisters - choy wan and may wan, carmen soo, yasmin yusoff, bernie chan and also afdlin shauki!! haha.. you people must be wondering, " what?? afdlin shauki??" oh yes, i took pics with him though i don't know why. haha. oh!! tiara jacquelina was also there promoting puteri gunung ledang but unfortunately she doesn't interest me. emil chau also made a pit stop!! that hongkie who came for concert at dataran merdeka yesterday i think. i'm going to post those pics up once i am able to get them on the computer and once i am free to photoshoped it. haha.. of course it needs tobe photoshoped. then i can cut out those unwanted people at the background. muahaha. i'm evil.

i'm tired. i was out from yesterday 11pm til 3.30am today. went out with kamil for futsal before heading for a drink. gosh, he said he was surprise that his friends likes me!! his friends are great!! i was darn shy. they make me shy!!! ok, but sorry to them, i might forget their names. haha. i can remember faces better than names. of course la, how can i remember about 8 names in 3 hours??!! they only remember one!! haha. but it was great being able to hang out with them. i feel honoured. muakies.

okok, i think i'm going to retire before i die. take care all!!!

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