18 August 2005

a few

reply received from spencer azizul. requirement is to write a 200 word essay about what i hope to gain if i joined spencer azizul. crap a little but i do hope to get into MAS as mummy had gone through a lot of hassle helping me to get the contact number of the person in charge. thanks to her friend who went all the way to help out. thanks a lot uncle / auntie.

nothing much happened. new lecturer for public relations writing. pn aisha from samanea pr. yet to see her company's website. soon to look into it. just finished her work and i hope what i did is right. i don't even know what she wants.

this saturday is the replacement day for the friday when class was cancelled because of the haze. those of you who were happy because of friday's class cancellation, this is the result - replacement on saturday. i knew this would happen thus i didn't like the idea of cancellation though i understand it is for helath purposes. oh well, what to do.

johor this sunday. i wonder if kamil remembers he has to drop me. tuesday flight back to kl. hope i can check out with my luggage by 11.30pm. [ flight is at 9.45pm. thanks to air asia. argh.] cos i need to take the klia transit back. i checked out the fares. gosh...

klia - bdr tasik selatan = RM 26.50

if i were to do it this way,

klia - cyberjaya &putrajaya = RM 6.20.
cyberjaya & putrajaya - bdr tasik selatan = RM 5.30.
total for the trip = RM 11.50
total amount saved = RM 15

look how erl make money. luckily i'm not that stupid. haha, you failed to cheat me!

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