11 August 2005

emergency holiday

hello ppl...

i'm exhausted, lack of sleep, and everything you could think of.

had the launching of We Care Foundation (WCF) yesterday. WCF is the name that we chose for our group. well, generally we care for others, thus WCF! haha.. lame explanation. want to know more, i.m. me. i'll explain. the lauch went well. everything was fine. business was good. lots of thanks to mr manikumar, president of PPKKCTM, mr kumar, dr irene, and i have no choice but to thank dr selva. oh well. my coursemates know why.

tomorrow is the emergency holiday!! haze invaded TCPJ terribly. it looks as if we were in genting! oh yes, i saw a group of boys yesterday taking pictures. and guess what pose were they in? they were all in their jackets with their hands cross as if they are in cold! haha, nice pose guys. i would never have thought of it.

oh well, i'm happy. but now i feel like i'm not. but actually i am. urgh.. nevermind. forget about it. i'm crapping.

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