19 July 2005

i did it again

haha,the procrastinator decides not to procrastinate today. well, it is not that i have been procrastinating but it is just that life has been busy. assignments sucking up my life. wait, should be AN assignment actually, cos i neglected the rest. stupid me. now i have to do the rest this week when there's nothing much to rush for the major one.

searching for public relations agnecies for my practical but i'm just down to zero. i have no idea which is good or not. i just have a few i saw from the magazine. great websites, great clients, great places also. aih, all in damansara area. madness!! no public transport. i'm fine with anywhere i go to for practical as long as it is in kuala lumpur and places where public transports are available cos i totally rely on them.

oh well, need to sleep. can't take it.

btw, i informed the ktm info counter about my touch and go card.they ate rm5 out of it. the lady was nice, telling me that they'll call me. so cross my fingers that i get the rm5 back and hope that they don't call me during class hours.

oh well, all the best to all of you for your assignments as well. take care. don't overwork yourselves ok? thanks to the we care foundation for the wonderful work especially derrik for all the logos done in such a short time. brilliant!! and now waiting for the cookies girls to do their thing tomorrow and we'll see what we have!!


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