06 March 2005

yesterday was superb

what happen yesterday was just undescribable...

1st stop - hard rock cafe

nazirah invited me for this gig at hard rock cafe few days earlier. seven collar t-shirt [ her personal favourite], love me butch and klh something something [ gosh, i can't remember] will be playing. i being wanting to have th experience agreed to tag along.

there were 5 of us there yesterday. nazirah, geetha, najib, aizat and me. the performance delivered by the 3 bands were awesome. i never knew it would turn out that way. nazirah mentioned to me about people 'slamming' and 'moshing' [is that how you spell it?] and i actually saw it happen in front of my own eyes. all this while i only saw it on tv.

i managed to get the camera from my sister who attended sports day in bkt jalil as nazirah said her mother might have took the camera for the sports day. [nazirah's mom is a history teacher in sab]. i gave the camera to nazirah to take the pictures because i personally do not know what pictures to take. but unfortunately, towards the 2nd last song of love me butch, the batteries went out. boy were we lucky to have CALTEX across the street. [ thank you so much CALTEX!! ] so we went across the street to get the batteries. just in time for seven collar t-shirt. [ nazirah, were your legs wobbly at that time? i am wondering ]

right after the performance ended, just as geetha, nazirah and i were about to step our foot out the door, this guy who claimed he is from , an internet base broadcast programme wants to interview us. 3 of us were in total shock!! they only asked us what we think of the performance and other related stuff.

geetha said, he must have picked us because we stepped out multi-racial-ly. geetha is an indian, nazirah is a malay and me a chinese. what a choice!

we even met ayman and arif, our seniors there. they are working for a company that helps promoting the band. they created button badges which we all got for free upon entrance. and they also created t-shirts. i believe that are the bone behind this event today. ayman even invited us to see his band play this coming 26th at paul's place. ayman!! we'll definitely go if we can!! i can never forget that wonderful evening. nazirah promised to get geetha and me to come along for any future events.. i'm lovin it.

2nd stop - omega leo election day at taman midah

i went straight for leo after the event. reached in time before they started the elections. i got the post of the secretary. boy was i lucky not to get the post of the president as i was nominated for it as well. jim got it.. atta boy!!

so, after the elections, we headed to the rave house located at the cheras business centre in taman cheras. near pantai medical centre and just behind dance v me studio. about 15 of us were there and we ate a HUGE meal of rm135.

we were laughing and talking there about stuff that happened in ns, friends and etc. out of the blue, one of them suggested to go to little genting. there goes. off we go in 3 cars. oh ya, we were talking about shaking cars thus the trip up to little genting to check on shaking cars.. haha.. typed words couldn't explain it. but if you want to know, ask me. i'll tell you the story.

we saw many couples doing their thing. hey, we didn't see them do sex ok? they were just hugging around only. no kissing. no sex. maybe they go some place even more secluded than where we were. but it was fun up there.

we were star gazing. trying to find the constellations. not very clear though. but we manage to find one. but not so sure about it. what is it call again? is it the big dipper or something like that.

we left about 1.30am and all of us reached home safely. oh well, what a day i had. my perfect day. not to say that other days aren't perfect. but yesterday was just great and awesome. splendid as ever.

i just love all of you!! nazirah and the leo bunch. thanks for making my day!! love you much ♥


cheneille said...

very free ah... go here go there! hahaha so cun laa!!! when can i catch u on tv??

melissa said... won't be on tv la.. it will be on the net it seems.. if i'm lucky la..i just crapped with the answers.. haha

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