27 March 2005

why do dogs sniff each other in the ass?

okok..listen to melissa's version of why dogs sniff each other in the ass. who knows maybe what i said is right. i didn't do my research before i answer this question ok?

okok.. male dogs sniff the female dogs' asses to see if they have beek f*cked by any other male dogs before or not. this is because, the male dogs leave their smell around the ass area. oh well, or maybe something like that. as you know, dogs sense of smell is very sensitive.

so, if the female dog did f*cked some dog long ago. the smell would be gone. so it means it is safe to f*ck that bitch. if there is a smell, hell no the male dog is going to f*ck the bitch. oh heck, better still if that bitch is a virgin.. hahahaha

so this is melissa's version of why dogs sniff each other in the ass.. hahahahaha


She's Jess said...

haha... very funny..

will mam sniffs on woman then? i mean.. that part..?


cheneille said...

hahahahahaha melissa wong!!! sickness!!!! see la now we know what goes on in ur mind!! hahahhahaha i must pass this on to ppl la... farking hilarious!!

melissa said...

oh gosh.. i won't know if man does sniff woman or not at that area. haha.

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