24 March 2005

what should we do with stupid people?

the question of the day is " what should we do with stupid people?"

i have never thought of this question before but i got this question from blogideas. [thanks blogideas for the wonderful idea when i don't know what to blog about]. i wonder if you have ever given this question a thought. maybe some of you do.

but to me, i personally want to leave them alone. just let them scatter around the world. in that way, every corner in the world have stupid people.

it does boost your own self-esteem and confidence in a way, when you know that somewhere out in the world, there is someone stupid. don't you think so?

well, at least you have someone to laugh at. what more, someone to compare with when you did something stupid.

hahahaha.. at least, there's someone more stupid than me and i know s/he is around me. who knows, s/he might just be sitting next to me one day.. hahahaha

so leave those stupid people alone if you don't want to be the last stupid person on earth!!!!

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