02 March 2005

system overload

yes, i am having system OVERLOAD. and the system that i'm talking about would be obviously my brain.

i just finish A advertisement. yes, everybody, it is another advertisement for DiGi for its non-existence product. yet, i still have another advertisement to go. at the moment, or should i say since yesterday, the idea is to do an advertisement for ralph lauren fragrance. i have everything in my head. just hope that lots of computer skills and creativity is being applied. or else, i'll definitely lose out.

okok, now, i 'll be having a marketing quiz in about 8 hours and 45 minutes. yup, the quiz is at 8 and guess what your royal highness here is doing? hell yeah. she's blogging. haha. decided to blog after the achievement of finishing the first advertisement.

this is what a procrastinator do. slacking around, delaying given work, and doing it at the eleventh hour. daddy is going to curse me if he doesn't see me in bed later.

oh well, i guess i will be wide awake then. oh ya, i still have my proposal to do. darn!! guess i won't be sleeping at all like this. everyone is going to see me with huge panda eyes tomorrow morning. the walking zombie at college wandering around in broad daylight.

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