11 March 2005


yes, that's what i am doing now actually. was studying my pr just now and it just hit my head that i would come here for a while.

my back has been aching ever since god-knows-when. it was worst yesterday night. i couldn't sleep well. i couldn't even sit properly. now, i' ve to sit up straight. and i mean really straight or it will hurt. not to worry, the pain subsided a little. compared to this morning, i was practically lying on the couch on my tummy watching tv. haha.

i went to make my uniform today!! i got the cloth from hq yesterday. almost died on my way back. haha. stupid kancil driver. i'm walking when the sign for pedestrian walking turns green. and this kancil came out of no where horning at me. stupid kancil driver. and it is a gold kancil. stupid. back to my uniform. it's going to be done on the 20th. and i'm going to wear it on the 26th for my forum. darn. i just hope the uniform is all right. not too tight and not too loose..

oh well, need to hit back to the books. wait, not books. the notes right now. or else, black will come and sue me.

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