27 March 2005

a night at my royal higness's palace

phew..what a wonderful time i had at my royal highness's palace. his palace was spectacular. i love the landscape. i love the surrounding. i love everything. can i shift to your house raja? hahaha

had a fun time laughing my ass off at cheneille's jokes though i have heard some of it before but i didn't remember thw answer. and james.. haha pulling the wheelbarrow huh? catching up time with them was great.

fara was there with his macho boyfriend, farid..haha.. i just realised that she wasn't studying in australia like it was mentioned in her friendster previously but in akademi tv3.. haha she was in living in australia at this period of time with her mom for a long holiday and she said most of the people thought she was studying in australia... hahaha

raja, make sure you let me see little menyek the next time ok? don't torture it with swimming lessons.. not good wan ar.. and your little fox at the garden.. so cute..say hi to both of them for me.

and also, thank your parents again for me. thanks a lot for the night! had a wonderful time at your place.. take care!!

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