30 March 2005


1. Do you procrastinate and if so, explain?
haha.. what a question to ask the queen of procrastination. gosh, if i don't procrastinate, how did i get my title then? buy it? haha

2. Do you feel tired most of the time or not?
definitely. count the time taken to travel to college and back from college. i think the time can even equal to a 3 hour class at times.

3. Do you get enough sleep and if not, how much time do you wish for?
24 hours a day is not enough for me. i need more time. i don't care how much but definitely more than 24.. not 25 ok? much more than that!!

4. Do you rely on an alarm clock to get you up or not?
yupz.. since i don't get enough sleep, and i only sleep like at 12am onwards, i definitely need an alarm clock to wake me up at 5.45am!!

5. Do you you dread certain things when you wake up and if so, what are they?
not knowing what to wear for college cos i'm so used to school where you just have to don your uniform and you are off to go. and knowing that it is morning really is a dread. i just wish college starts at 10am


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