01 March 2005

lack of inspiration

oh well, i'm lacking of inspirations. no ideas on how to start my assignment due friday. no ideas on how to improve my blog entries. oh well. i'm just a boring person that's why..

found a site called daydreaming on paper. since there ain't no paper, the entry will do the rest of the job

list 10 things you are never tire of doing
easy baby..i think..

1. talking
2. sleeping
3. wasting time
4. blogging
5. chatting
6. surfing around
7. phone texting
8. eating [ or should it be watching you all eat?]
9. disturbing people [ haha ] hunting

list 10 dishes or food that you never tire of eating
oh food.. glourious food

1. mommy's dishes
2. grandma's dishes [ oh well, she left 3 years back..miss her lots ]
3. mamak food [ can't help it. but there's the only thing tcpj offers ]
4. chocolate [ aww...i'm so tempted by the sight of it ]
5. air [ ya..i eat air ]
6. junk food [ at times i just can't bear it..]
7. ice-cream!! [ especially mcdonald's vanilla sundae ]
8. tofu [ yes, anything with tofu.. yum..]
9. spicy food [ i tell you, spicy stuff is appetizing to me.. i jut love it ]
10.jellies [any kind of jellies esp konyaku jellies.. hmm..yum.. i'm getting hungry now ]

list 10 amusements that never fail to amuse
er...*scratches head*

1. cheneille [ i miss her funny jokes ]
2. mathew [ never fail to amuse everyone at the time of the day when it is time to 'sleep' during class hours ]
3. american funnies home videos [yes, the sight of seeing people doing stupid things really entertains me ]
4. babies [ owh.. they are just so lovely.. ]
5. chat replies and text messages [ some of them are just oh-so-lovely and i can smile from ear to ear reading it ]
6. futsal [ ya, futsal is the time to laugh it all out besides sweating it all out ]
7. when the crush does something sweet [ hey, who doesn't have a crush who does something sweet? ]
8. talking to the mirror and soft toys [ ya, knowing that they can't reply me. ]
9. bimbos [ haha.. sometimes bimbos keeps my life running. they create 'movies' to keep your day run smoothly ]
10.pets [see cute little pets. they are just so adorable. ]

1 comment:

cheneille said...

aha! aha! see! she calls my jokes funny! FUNNY!!!! woo hoo!!! cheers mel!! hahahah! btw where on EARTH do u find all this weird things to do online laa??? my blog is so boring!

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