09 March 2005

how long have you been bloggin'?

thanks to blogideas for the above title.

how long have i been blogging? well, i've never give this question a thought. but today i do, thanks to blogideas. always giving you ideas to blog when you just can't seem to find the perfect topic to blog about.

if i'm not mistaken, this would be the 3rd year i am blogging. i've been blogging since 2003. i started of with xanga as at that time i met a friend from america who introduced me to her xanga. thanks cherry. it's been a while since you blog as you are busy. i think i spent half a year here or so.

soon after, i got into blog-city as i got a circle of friends there as well. that's where i started learning simple html codes. here i think i also spent another half a year.

so i lastly ended up here in blogspot in january 2004 when i found out that blogspot offers so many things. they have blogskins where i can downloaded skins made by people who posted them up in the site for the rest of the html illiterate people to use like me.

i later figure out frontpage and tried to do a skin using frontpage.. haha, the skin is the one that you are seeing right now. with just plain background. because i thought white might be my colour and i happened to love it since then.

ever since then, i've been in love with blogspot. unless i find something else. oh well, though i do blog somewhere else like in myspace, xanga [at times], and emoblog. blogspot is still better in a way. maybe because i grew fond of it after a while.

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