08 March 2005

blame who?

blogideas gives the best ideas when you don't know what to blog about

who do you blame for your mood today?

only for today? i'm going to put the blame on black for my mood since sunday. well, it isn't a bad mood but it is a good mood.

it just feels so nice with him around. comfortable with him. and his friend billy. i never knew i have so much to talk with him, one of the funniest guy i've ever met.

they just filled my life. haha. not to say that my friends don't. but these duo are just different. wait til i get a chance, i'll definitely introduce them to you.

black made me desperate to log in to myspace which i just can't get in due to myspace's technical's problems.

oh ya, almost forgot to post up the pictures. going to do so now. it's going to take a while. textamerica is slow. might be changing to something faster.

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