22 March 2005

best compliment you've ever received

that is what blogideas told my to blog about today.

gosh, this is tough. only to pick one? i'm not boasting ok if you happen to read the compliment[s].. yes i'm decided to twist the question by making it plural because i just cannot decide on one. everyone's compliment mean to me *wink wink*

1. "i'm glad to have you as a friend."
taken from myspace by key-mee, nami-sepet, syed lidi, nas, oni_zocca, munzir, and the list goes

2. "you look great in your new hair."
i'm sure derrik said that when i had that hair cut last year. though wasted to chop off the long hair. but it was worth it. thanks derrik. the rest also the same, but i can't remember who. i only remember derrik's cos he was talking about it for a while. sorry.

3. "your smile is a killer."
haha.. i got this in one of the messages i receive in myspace. couldn't remember who gave it. gosh, if i can kill by smiling, i'm not going to smile anymore or else i'll kill everyone. argh!! run and hide from me!!

4. "i nak tanya, u ni bkn melayu? tapi knape cakap melayu cam melayu je. i tgk muka cam melayu so i ingatkan u ni melayu. sorry. tapi best pe dpt jumpe kwn chinese yg leh cakap melayu cam u."
ok, this is practically what people say of me when they found out that i'm a chinese. this is because the opening conversation was in malay so i just joined in and later they only realised that i'm not malay as i don't really know their new slang words.. i wonder if this is a compliment.

5. "u ni kawan chinese yg pertama i. dahlah byk cite tu."
this one is from zul. a 5th former i got to know in ms. sweet boy. got one more person also said the same thing but i couldn't figure out who.

6. "you're hot!!"
haha, seriously.. some of them just said it. i wonder what do they mean by it. black said it to me after beach once, and hyobe watanabe dropped a comment on it. haha, me hot? haha..

7. "best ckp ngan u. first impression u bg tu lain ngan org lain"
that was what black and billy said when i first met them.

i think that's about it. i'm going to go sleep.. yeah, it's like 9.16pm here.. who cares..i just wanna sleep.. haha.. nitey nitez..


cheneille said...

ehh so siallll!!! i was so inspired to remember my compliments but i realize i can't remember!!! damn sad!!

btw, in case u never realized, i always compliment u wat!!

quote " melissa is my map and organizer." unquote

melissa said...

la.. i did mention that i couldn't remember mah..go so many..those compliments are mostly the ones i just got la.. haha.. okok..

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