23 March 2005

10 things...

10 things you would save if your house is on fire...

here goes the list of tens..

1. my wallet that contains my IC, driving license, ID and some money.
2. my savings in the places that you don't know where.
3. the pink book
4. my handphone
5. the file that contains everyones certs, results, birth cert, etc
6. my charger for my handphone
7. my clothes.. some of it which includes my love me butch t-shirt and the cute devil t-shirt
8. my keys - house keys, parents' car keys
9. my baby taylor [ it's the guitar] it worths a fortune to me..that's why it is worth saving
10. myself

1 comment:

Karylin said...

hey wow sorry i havent gotten back to you sooner about those avatars..

i like quit tblog and moved to xanga..

but thats where i found them.. search blogrings for icons


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