23 February 2005

last day of chinese new year

february 23rd = last day of chinese new year = chap goh mei = end of fireworks display

well, i don't exactly know why is chap goh mei celebrated in the first place. all i know is that young girls would be at the rivers throwing mandarin oranges hoping that they would find their prince in shining armour.

no more fireworks for good. it has been days of fireworks display. i'm getting bored of it. it's noisy especially when the people living behind my house plays it because my house is on the higher ground. i can even see the fireworks display by just lying on my sister's bed. no need to waste energy to walk up to the window to admire or whatsoever.

yes, i still don't know what to do for my idtp assignment which requires me to design 2 advertisements. one product and one service. though i got my product and stuff, i just don't know how to get started. i'm just slow. i'm just bad. i'm just nevermind.

mass colympics is getting on my nerves. haha. though i know what is the feeling like from my gathering experience but it just doesn't feel the same. there is just no spirit in me. i wonder why. help me...

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