17 February 2005

the 9th day of chinese new year

today marks the ninth day of chinese new year. according to daddy, it is a day where buddhist will 'pai tin kong'.. i'm not really sure what it means in normal english language.

but the fireworks displat that most of them put up was spectacular. practically those who observe this particular day in cheras put up the fireworks display. the family just behind my house, had huge, wonderful fireworks. my house is on a higher ground compared to theirs. so when they played theirs, gosh, it was as though it was only right in front of me.

such a waste i don't have a camera with me. or else, you'll be able to see that the skies in cheras are all colourful.

what more, people who live in the shophouses, climbed out to the roof just to watch. their view must be definitely better off than mine for sure. cos they are two rows in front of me.. but it was wonderful.. it was as though today was even greater than the independence day or even new year's day. haha..

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