02 January 2005's my fault

new year is here.. but no difference for me. life still goes on despite what is happening to the world right now.

i would like to apologize to allison, elaine, derrik, mathew, adeline and kelly for ditching their asses into coming with them on new year's eve. reason is my mother decided to make me tag along with her to her friend's place. well, she would like to introduce the family of course that was why. by chance i thought i would finished early but unfortunately i only reached home like 2am! so i felt really bad over it. plus point was it was also mathew's birthday.. gosh..,that is even worst..

2005 is new year's resolutions? hmm, as the matter of fact, i haven't even thought of it yet. my brains functions a little slower than time, that is why.

but one of them is a wish of course. that is to learn up css... i must learn css.. i can't bear seeing my blog so plain and bare. it looks as if something is missing. and i don't want to take templates from blogskins. well, this is definiely going to take sometime. it might even take forever. psst.. i have bad understanding that is why

anyway, i know this is too late.. but anyhow HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005!!!

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