06 January 2005

finals of semester 3

well, tomorrow marks the day of my finals. final exams for semester 3. time flies really fast. come to think of it, i have already been in college for a year now. i still remember my first day at college surrounded by lots of unfamiliar faces at the unfamiliar grounds.

but now, i'm grateful tht i have everyone with me. we went through good times and bad. we pour colours into each others life. we understand each other trying to help as much as we could. we are someone. not just anyone. but someone. someone one could not replace. someone so rare that there is just only us.

thanks for having me in your life as well.

thanks to all of you
cheneille, sharon, elaine, allison, derrik, derrick, evon, nadine, amy, adeline, sherina, kelly, and those of you who i did not mention your name. you are remembered as well.


derrickflc said...

you're welcome! heheheh... and thanks to you too! have a good year and good luck for the yucky exams tmrw!! yikes!! i haven't studied yet also... muahahhahaha... later!

Anonymous said...

Babalu: schweet..short and beautiful post. I feel the same too! We've more to explore together-gether mel! cheers

cheneille said...

mel oh mel... u have seen me in two stages... as ming yi in tuition and as cheneille in college... n regardless of how annoying i know i can be at times, u have stuck by me through the year... perhaps u may think i wasnt being serious when i say that u r my organizer and my malaysia map, but i hope u realize my every word came from d heart. let's continue to grow together... hugs!

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