12 December 2004

yesterday - 11 december 2004

Didn't manage to add an entry for yesterday as I was too tired. So here it is, yesterday's entry.

First stop, National Art Gallery. This is where Melinda is having some anime exhibition for two days [ it ends today ]. She went there dressed up as Selphie from Final Fantasy. Yes, she went there just like her. Equipped with that cowboy hat and the black boots, she wore the yellow tailored-made costume.

Once I entered, I saw several others dressed in their selected anime character as well. Believe it or not, but I saw Audrey [yes, the one from group 1] there being dragged by her friend so that she could get into her costumes as soon as possible.

Oh well, after that, mom decided to go to Mid Valley. Well, it was only about 11 plus at that time when we entered the mall. But unfortunately, we were practically turning round and round in circles just to look for a parking space. Sadly enough, we paid our ticket and left the mall. Now, come to think of it, 11 plus is early. And as early as that, parking spaces has been snapped up so fast?

That was how Mid Valley ruined my day with my family. That's why dad doesn't really like to go to the mall on weekends. So, if you find me so eager to go to a mall, I believe you already know why. My family day is ruined because of it. Spending time as home is not what I am looking forward for. Darn, now you know why I hate to stay at home at times. So, from now on, dad is totally boycotting Mid Valley for good.

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