04 December 2004

shopping anyone?

today is somehow like shopping day for the entire family. mom's classes are no longer on in december as it is the month of holiday for all! so after breakfast, dad took us [minus melinda as she went to sg wang for some comic thingy] to the balai seni lukis negara. hmm..i thought it would be just paintings after paintings of malay artist [i'm not discriminating but how often do you see chinese or indians so interested in art as in paintings?]. touched down balai seni lukis. the scenario is like this. white teepes surrounding the gallery. people are seen with their goods [ well, it turns out that it is not only selling paintings but other things as well. way beyong my imagination].

first stall was making recycling paper. i would have tried myself but then the rest were tiny tots and i would be that huge tot there..haha..but i know how to do recycle paper. further down in the middle, this guy from johor came all the way here to sell his recycling paper. now, high quality. 4 pieces for RM1. one was made from grass as in cow grass. mom even asked him if it would later smelt like cow dung. haha..joker. [will take the picture of the papers later].

there are also some selling beautiful paintings on canvas. one was using acrylic paint. the pictures are so bright and colourful depicting the life of a kampung boy! turns out that artist's name is wan something something and he is a part-time cartoonist for the comic gila-gila. awesome painting you got there. better than that comic book cos i hate that comic book!

surprisingly, some even sell china brought stuff. you know those antique stuff. and coke cans. i bought one for elaine. it is cheap what. not available in malaysia. and it has a picture of a anime cartoon. my sis bought one herself too.

then there were also drawings by these two special children. it seems that they appeared in newspapers before and their picture is oh-so-beautiful. one only uses a pencil. a 3b pencil i think. cos it is thick while the other uses colour. peerfect!

so, left there and headed to times square. parked the car there as times square counts by per entry while sg wang counts by per house..stupid sg wang. mom wanted to go sg wang and see what melinda is doing there as in the function she said there was there. went for a while before heading back to times square and did some shopping. mom bought me a bag. a canvas bag. i was so surprise!!

tired of shopping. mom wanted to have some snack or rather tea. zoom!! dhurbar, we are coming!! dhurbar is a mamak stall or rather a mamak stall just as you turn in from jln cheras. delicious mee goreng according to my mom. their roti bom was nice as well. and the rojak across the street is also yummy.

went home and took a drive in mom's car. yahoo!! after how many months of not touching the car [as in sitting in the driver's seat]. drove around my housing area only cos i was too lazy to stick the P as mom hated the idea so round the area we go and took her to pump petrol. nearby only what. didn't even have to go to highway. haha. hoep to be able to drive out soon!! looking forward for a few more rounds my housing area.

bored to death. i am dreaming of a digital camera again. though my phone is not functioning so well and i also have the thought of changing one. if i were given a choice, i would want a digital camera instead of a phone cos the current phone i have is still functioning but only not so good as i'm not able to have coverage most of the time and the automatic off thingy when given too much pressure. dang!

well, guess the rantings for today is this much. tomorrow i'll be going to church and mont kiara!! yeehee!! oh ya, daniel answered about 24 questions that i emailed him for my assignment. I LOVE HIM so much!! thanks a lot dude!!

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