19 December 2004


18 december 2004 - the reunion

i just love reunions. well, this is my first after i left school last year. held at coronade hotel there were about 65 of us. it was great seeing all my seniors though i'm the youngest one and the only one from my batch. anw, the sketch was great. the usual group did the sketch that made all of us laugh our asses off the chair, laugh til our voice turn coarse and having tummyaches. imitating teachers like the headmistress, mr tan the displine teacher and who would forget the every busy teacher who is most of the time on the phone doing business - encik a.j. [short for ahmad jamaluddin] the boys' pj teacher. as usual, sai kong and yi kang is seen transforming themselves into girls with their busty bread bust. sai kong had to change his voice but yi kang didn't need to do so. cos his voice is cute..well, back in school days, it is always them who takes up the women role anyway.

food was good. the dessert especially was great. the goodie bag was ok as i didn't expect to receive one anyway.unfortunately i had to leave early. i leave before the finale and the lucky draw. this is because if i don't i would not have transportation back. i followed ryan to auntie marian's house as there was where another function was on. my bec and his bec are having a celebration there. so he's the only closest one who could get me home since we are heading to the same place anyway. really wasted for not being able to stay til the end. i felt so bad over it. i really wished i could stay longer. if only auntie marian didn't had her open house. *sob sob*

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