07 December 2004

raping me was fun for him

this is a poem which i found in the lab when miss syireen instructed us to look for a poem for her class.


Raping me was fun for him.
After, he asked me how I liked it.
Perhaps he already lived in a cell,
Ex-communicated, soul-deaf.
I told him and he laughed, stroked me.
So? He was boss. On top.
A woman wanted that, no?
Crying, crying, I said nothing.
Rape was a wound across my sky.
I saw blackness beyong the blue.
My life was twisted, like those girders
Earthquakes throw brutally to the ground.
After such helplessness, what hope?
Going on with my life in blackness,
A black sky, black rage in my heart,
In my mind an endless blackness,
Nothing within me but blackness
Screamed at the boy no longer there,
The screams like walls I took with me,
The walls of screams protecting me,
How could I love without seeing?
Even so, the light pierced me,
Shattering the cell of fury,
Opening my heart again
Under a new sun, once more
Laughing in the chill of fear.

if you have notice, the beginning letters of the poem form a sentence which reads "Rape Is A Crime Against The Soul"
now, this is one good poet. i just love what he/she has written.


cheneille said...

love it!

Sharon said...

right on, sista!

the title of the poem cracked me up in the lab. and it's cracking me up again.

Anonymous said...

right on sista!

hehe..that totally rocks!

Anonymous said...

right on sista!

hehe..that totally rocks!


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