19 December 2004

fund raising

atria complex was where i went today from 11am til 5pm. place isn't that good so sales wasn't that good either. we only sold about 11 bottles. so how do you think we are going to raise fund for charity?

are you interested to help? then you can do your part by buying those bottles from me! wait, i forgot to tell you what kind of bottles. those nice plastic bottles that everyone is so into it at the moment. group 2, if you noticed it is exactly the one adeline had [hers is from starbucks]..but our colours are more interesting and nice. seriously.. believe me..


Sharon said...

you're selling bottles alone or stuff in bottles? i don't quite get what you're selling. haha

Anonymous said...

yeah me too.gotta give me more much is it?..if the price is right i might get two..;)


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