12 December 2004

fight my way through

in about an hour plus more, will be my dooms day. the day i will be fighting for my grades. hoping i get the very best to help me out of my finals. i cannot think right now. i only managed to read immw for just once. and that's it. i stopped there. i couldn't go any further. thinking what kinds of true or false questions she could ask from the notes. it's total..argh..nevermind

i just hope i get through the writing part. news report is not me. i cannot write anything short enough. 1 paragraph with 2 to 3 sentences and about 8 to 10 words is so not me. even for the feature writing. 1 paragraph about 5 sentences and about 25 words each. i wonder who could write something based on it. well,obviously not me. cos i write as i wish. not according to the rules of writing. these rules tend to restrict your ideas from flowing because you would be tempted to start counting the words and sentences. can't they just let us write what we one but in still based on the same topic and format not based on words and sentences.

well, i can't complain much though cos it is the rule out there. and if you don't play according to the rule, you'll definitely die out there. definitely.

going to start on icc in a moment. just hope that i don't end up going crazy or something. cos this is my first time as a procrastinator i feel i could die any moment. so far as a procrastinator, i haven't experience it at all. i do believe i work well under pressure. haha. you must be thinking that i'm crazy. but i'm not. i might have everything already but it is just that i'll compile it into one big book at the last minute. usual me if you know me good enough. hmph, even if you do, you won't even notice coz i don't do it in front of you. i do it at home..haha..just joking. i told you. my brains aren't thinking anymore. it just controls my fingers to just type whatever it is. so if you are reading this and don't understand anything from me. forgive me and no worries coz i can't even understand what i have just typed as well.

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