16 December 2004

datuk a samad said

datuk a. samad said. does his name ring a bell in your head? think harder if he doesn't. anyway, if he still cannot access the registry in your head then forget about it. i'll provide you with the info then

now, from the picture, i suppose you might now know who he is. he's our very own sasterawan negara. a. samad said was born on the 9th of april 1935 at kampung belimbing dalam, durian tunggal, melaka. he received his early education at sekolah melayu kota raja, singapore from 1940 til 1946. he later continued his education at victoria institution (VI) and obtained his cambridge senior certificate in the year 1956.

his achievement and contribution has helped to enrich and bring up the value of malay literaturea nd he received token of appreciation on the 29th of may 1976 with other fellow writers and was annouced Pejuang Sastera. In 1979, the prime minister appointed him to be one of the panel for Anugerah Sastera and in that same year,
he won the SEA Write Award.

in his career, his highest achievement would be when he was chosen to receive the Anugerah Sastera Negara 1985. during that ceremony, his new drama title Wira Bukit was highlighted. when writing, a. samad said also uses his pen names such as hilmy, isa dahmuri, jamil kelana, manja, mesra and shamsir.

well, i actually was looking for his book titled salina for like 2 years and i finally found a friend who reads it. i ask her where she got her copy of the book and was told that it is from kinokuniya. yes, i went there alright. i was seen at every corner of the store, browsing every book from the shelf [not literally lar] and later only to found that book. the large print on the book, salina and a.samad said definitely caught my eyes.

before i picked up the book from its shelf, i thought the book would be of 2 inches thick at about the price of rm30 to rm40. little did i know, this book that i picked up was so thick!! it was about 3 inches plus i think and the price was pretty 'heavy' as well. rm70.90!! argh!! now, there goes my hope of reading that book.

salina is set during the time of the second world war [WWII]. it was literally on the lifestyle of the malay community of Kampung Kambing, Singapura. it tells about the poverty they are facing and survival right after the war.

it later focused on a girl called siti salina [thus the title] and her love life with muhamad yusuf which failed, the failure of sharing a life with abdul fakar and later she got her foot stuck in prostitution..

in another angle, this book also depicts the story of a young girl nahidah and her step-mom zarina in a family tradegy that the girl was almost raped by her step-dad.

in short, salina is a book that has about 20 different characters that is being told in different stories and scenes.

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