06 December 2004

6th december 2004

yes, i'm going to blog on today. the boring and hectic day of melissa's.

immw was "incredible".it definitely sucks to the max. words just can't explain about her here. it just have to be spoken words with lots of hand gestures, facial expressions and what more, usage of foul language. combine these 3 things together, and you'll get the perfect description of this ever so wonderful lecturer who teaches immw.

writing a feature article is not an easy task. ask me to write a few houndred words, i can finish for you. but 1700 words??!! come and collect the finished article end of next year. but these are the words one can't be saying to the lecturer who gives you the honours to write the article as an assignment right? an underground band feature article. managed to crack up to 1340 plus words through the questions i asked daniel. i checked my article for god knows how many times and handed it in 2 minutes for time is up.

phew, boy was i lucky to finish. come to think of it, i'm not against her or do i hate her. it is just the way she teaches a little. she gives different answers to different people who has the same questions! hell of a confused lady is she who made us even confused. once you have confused students, down you go lecturer. some of us just can't wait for the evalution form to reach our hands as there is where we will be able to show her how well we learn of writing in her classes..

oh well, forget her. anyway, time for icc has been changed. classes used to be from 12-2pm but now it has been put to 1-3pm. gosh, that is so dreadful. we can't even stand classes from 12-2pm and what now! 1-3pm? that is even worst. everyone just can't wait for the lecturer to finish the topic. trying to catch some beauty sleep during the 10 minutes break, toilet break, tummy break and any other breaks you can think of after an hour of listening to the lecture.

though icc is being put into that kind of hour, mr kumar is always enlightening us with his jokes. making us laugh like mad cows. especially derrik, who just can't seem to stop even though everyone has finish laughing like 5 minutes ago!! that is how mr kumar's class is like. correct me if i'm wrong.

kelly and elaine dropped by my place after class. on our way, it was raining cats and dogs. i just hate it when it rains and i'm not in the house. well, kelly and elaine had their hands on mom's paintbrushes and started painting away on those plaster mom made. elaine painted a dolphin and two teddy bears. kelly on the other hand painted two shells and mermaid? haha. they made a name plaque out of it.

elaine left at 6pm and kelly and i were still working on those plaques. not long after that, kelly decided to venture into the coloured clay. showed her a book with cute pictures and she made up her mind to make a monkey. so a monkey we tried to work on. but unfortunately, it looks more like a teddy bear instead of a monkey! kelly found strawberries and wanted those as well. but here goes again, when the first strawberry she made turns out to be like an amusing strawberry with huge smile across its faces nad huge eyes, as if it just came out from the pikachu book or something like that.

since the strawberry turned out so amusing, she decided to make a few more others that looks like it. the team of strawberries is what she calls it. don't worry, you'll be able to see how amusing are these strawberries are once it is dried.

oh ya, if you noticed, my nickname in msn has been "my handphone is sick...sob sob" as my phone was really in need of medication. but then the sickness has gotten worst and i believed that it is time for me to change it to " my handphone is dying..sob sob"

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Anonymous said...

great minds think alike! So looks, like im not the only one who dislike her. For the beginning itself my instinct says it all. I've lost all the respect i had for that someone. Cant seem to respect middle age "poser's". Nuff saif!scummsss...blah!

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