05 November 2004

young, posh and loaded

that's the title of the show i happened to watch earlier while waiting for the oprah show to be screen on channel 70.

young, posh and loaded is the title of the show. it tells the lives of all really rich kids..mind you..i'm serious.

i happened to saw this one on anna, her dad owns a bank or something like that. the interviewer asked her several questions after following her into jimmy choo's shop in london with her mom buying several pairs of boots and shoes. anna went home and tried on those boots only to discover they do not suit her that well. here's what the interviewer asked

interviewer : so, how much do you usually spent on shoes and clothers per week?

anna : oh, you should ask my father for that because he is the one who gets the receipts and credit card bills after my shopping. well, that's what guys are for right? it's not a girl's job to be worried of this things. what more, i love daddy and he knows it and so we [she and her mom] spend his money.

gosh..what can you say of this. she also thinks that she is NOT spoilt. to me she is.

another one would be on john sanders. a 23 year old businessman who also owns several clubs.still living with his parents. he mentioned that he doesn't need to work hard in order to establish a company or whatsoever like others do. all he has to do is tell his parents what he has in mind, ask for the money he needs for it. and he gets it. and there he goes! his company and clubs.

see, the way rich kids ask for a few thousand or maybe even more is a little like we average kids ask for maybe a 10? those rich kids.. but not all rich kids are like that right? some are ever so humble that they save and save and you think that their rich parents don't give them money to spend!!

next ...on the oprah winfrey show..

this is a show i never miss when i'm on a holiday cos it is on channel 70 at 2.00pm..i would usually be found glued to the TV set even before it is time. that's how i came across the earlier show.

today, she talked about betrayal. not friendship betrayal but marriage betrayal. 2 couples were being brought on the set. one with a 2 year marriage and the other with a 30 year old marriage. a sad thing to know when your spouse cheats on you right? i mean how could they live with their wives and just tell them there's nothing wrong when being confronted by them. how selfish could they be? luckily that they realised it and worked it out together, counselling or stuff..marriage is saved!! what a bliss!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey i watched the show fact i know anna, she was at boarding sch wit me.. even then she was the most annoying stuck up brat there! haha i see she's still the same as ever and probably more annoying now..

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