30 November 2004

underground artiste assignment

everything is in the title. i practically say something like this in my few current entries. yes, that is the assignment i received today for intro to mass media writing [immw]. i am suppose to write a magazine article featuring an underground artiste.

now now now ..i did message daniel on friendster yesterday night stating about this assignment of mine and i told him to check his mail box anytime cos the assignment will be on any time this week. ok, i got it today it self and i tried to messaged him on his phone but failed. the sms report said "FAILED". i was so shocked. quite a number of things ran through my mind. just in case i couldn't get daniel, i could ask for debbie's help cos her friend alda plays for DRAGON RED or maybe shelley leong [as if i'll get her.haha]. only to remember that debbie has gone outstation and won't be back in a few days for some missionary project. die-ded.

came back home and tried calling daniel on his house phone. paul, his brother said he went least, i know i got the right number. called him later just now, and he is so helpful. i told him that i wanted an interview with him at any time at his convenience. unfortunately, his classes dragged until 8pm [ TAR classes are like that i dunno why] and he has no time for me. but then, he told me to email him whatever questions i want to ask and he'll reply me. I LOVE YOU DANIEL!!! now, getting an interview done by just placing your butt at home. not what i'll be expecting in real world right? but i was lucky enough to have such friend who remembers my voice through the phone even before i told him who i was when i barely call him at all!!

anyway, daniel's band is called EDGE OF FIRE ..i didn't know ian is in the band as well.. listen to their songs on musiccanteen and give them some comments ok? thanks a lot!! i really owe you one daniel!!


Sharon said...

Ugh all the best. Atleast you have more than one contact. haha

melissa said...

haha..but i'm closer to one only mah..and he replied my questions in th wee hours of the morning cos i just receive it. now is 6.30am! haha on the 2nd dec..haha..see ya in class

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