21 November 2004

teacher's training

Gosh, darn 'paiseh'. I typed in my message at my shouting box at the name instead of the place for message. I thought there was some problem that I went to the site and search for it only to realise my mistake. Plus point, I realised that there were colourful smilies as well. Well, being the usual me at the begiining, I obviously didn't wait for it to load the entire thing before I end of on the final one. Thus yellow was the top so yellow was it. What a joke.

Anyway, today marks the end of my 2-day Smart Reader Teacher's Training. Being a teacher is not easy. What more for kids of the age 3!!! It is total disaster when you have to come up with interesting activites, songs, games, rhymes and anything you can think of. My brains of course isn't that great at all!! But the training was fine. Only for Levels 1 and 2. Next month is for Levels 3 and 4. And that is not the end of it yet. There's still another for 5 and 6. Haha. I was the youngest there. Second youngest would be a girl who came with her mother from Johor who is 22. She just finished her degree in Applied Commuting or is it Computers. Can't remember. Most of the participants there ( there were 19 of us including me) were kindergarten teachers, those who wants to open a Smart Reader franchise and retired teachers. Guess I'm the most inexperienced one there. But I've been listening to those songs that they taught us for almost 7 years already. All thanks to Mom. Haha

Tired though, but it was fun working with the adults where we have to think of something to make studying interesting for kids. Phew, it does use a lot of my brain power though

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