28 November 2004

SHELL assignment

SHELL Malaysia Announces Another Oil Discovery Offshore Sabah [Wednesday, September 22, 2004]. That was the article I got from Miss Syireen's class last Thursday. I did no notice that the stack of paper she placed at the front desk contains different kinds of articles. Some had gotten short ones and some gotten long ones.

Long or short has its one benefit. We are to write a new article based on the one we have by extracting information from it. Now after much of browsing the official SHELL website which takes forever to load, I have decided to work on SHELL and internship.

Obvious enough, I write just to fulfill her wish of 10 short paragraphs and it is suppose to be an article for a newspaper or something like that. Isn't that too long for an article? What can I say now? I did all I could to vomit out 10 short paragraphs for her. Ask me of topic sentences and I would say that I don't think mine has any but my paragraphs are definitely linking from one to another in a way.

Later, I will have to search for advertisements that have something to do with semiotics. Let me tell you what is semiotics.

According to Miss Syireen's notes, semiotics is concerned with how minds produce, communicate and codify meaning. It applies to any kind of signs or symbols, not just words and anything representative - a word, a gesture, a sound - is a sign. Even concepts, thoughts and ideas can be symbols for something else. Semiotics provided insights and tools for critically examining symbols and information in a variety of fields. In other words, semiotics examines the way non-linguistic objects and behaviors "tell" us something.

Now, do you understand that paragraph? It took me a while to understand. But after that, I tend to forget. I still have to look for those advertisements by hook or by crook. And her class will be on from 8am to 11am tomorrow. Freaking 3 hours!! I’ll tell you if I survive her class or not..


melissa said...

oh hell yeah i did survive. the assignment i did yesterdya night wasn't correct so in 1 1/2 hours time i have to do a new one. this is really testing me. i dunno what to write and where to start..

cheneille said...

glad we finally handed that up. relax giler....

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