25 November 2004

my sickly computer

well, you saw it! my sickly computer. that's the title for today if you noticed that my last update was on the 22th. some bug invaded my computer and thus it fell sick. i formatted it 2 days back and it turns out fine. but unfortunately, when the next person who switches on the computer, there is goes. it turns sick again. what can i say. i have a computer who turns sick on and off. and yesterday itself, i've already formatted the computer twice!! and all this always happens when i'm to do something really important. i was supposed to sent out the agenda for the leo meeting cos i believe i could not make it back in time for it. i was also to sent my scanned pictures to billie as well for the meeting. yes, you read it alright. two meetings on the same day which is today.

6.30-8.00pm --> girl guides meeting at hq brickfields
8.00- x.xxpm --> leo club meeting

so there's definitely a no way for me to come back in time for the leo meting. so sad. and i hope that my computer doesn't fall sick again!! i had enough of it!!!

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