27 November 2004

'makan' marathon

agree with that title please.

it all happened early morning as mum is giving her students a party as it would be their last class of the year 2004. so, i was appointed the burger girl as i have been frying burgers and serving them for the past 5 hours. believe it or not. the party was for 3 consecutive classes with half and hour intervals. so my hands practically didn't stop. all of us went without lunch so while preparing the food, we managed to eat some of those goodies the children brought for their classmates. one parent brought cheese tarts and it was oh-so-delicious.

unfortunate for me, i cut my pinky. yes, it ain't no ordinary knife. but it is a knife meant to cut bread and it is long with lotsa teeth on it. so i accidentally ssaw the knife without knowing my pinky was there!! it still hurts though. couldn't able pressure to it. sad....

so after a one hour rest, it is cheneille's house to go!! as i was packing the pit to be brought to her house, elaine called. rather surprise to receive her call as she asked where i was. assuming she was already there, i told her that i'll be there in about 5 minutes. haha, you wouldn't believe it but she called me right in front of my house! so, there we go, next stop cheneille's house down my road..haha.. we started of slightly after 8pm with an ice breaker by introducing ourselves as most of them are cheneille's friends from church. gosh, the food was a lot. and mind you a lot means a lot!! barbeque was fun..seriously.. but leftoevers ain't no fun. but it was pure luck that they decided to bring some back so cheneille was left with 2 packs of sausages and 1 pack of balls [ whatever balls are those]..right cheneille?

what more, cheneille's mum made soya bean and it was spectacular [is it the right word?]..she made me bring a bottle or i won't get to go home. same goes for elaine. and i assume ka weng also encounter the same thing. haha..

now, after this wonderful eating marathon. i think i'll have to stop eating for a good few months. so, if you ever see me eat, SCOLD me!!!


melissa said...

there goes my first wish in my wish list to lose weight..down the drain it goes

Nicole said...

aha! balls.. that reminds me of something heh *grinz*

anywayz..hows your pinky? be careful la gal!!

last but not least..DONT EVER SAY NO TO FOOD!! haha. i won't scold you if i ever see you eat..i'll feast with ya babe =P food oh glorious food!

melissa said...

haha...*pinky says hi to nicole*
the wound is closing worries..thanks for your concern.

cheneille said...

hahahahahaha eh if ur really dat worried about eating too much, just start fasting la!!! i can help by eating up all the delicious delicacies presented to u!! woo hoo!! n btw hahaha yeah my mum DID give him a bottle... how did u figure that out???

btw, loved that little pinky saying hi thingy... eh but i didnt notice it leh! if u were injured then why on earth u volunteer to do d bbq la?? aiyor..

melissa said...

haha..i also kena liao i assume he kena also lar..then got knows he memang kena pinky is small matter lar..during the bbq i din notice or feel the pain also

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