19 November 2004

i'm definitely going to miss evon

Yesterday in fact was the day Evon began not joining us for classes. She made up her mind and decided to switch to TARC because of certain problems and I only just got to know her better. 5 months together with her seems to short. I'm going to miss her sitting behind me, talking and asking questions to each other, laughing out loud with the rest of the entire class. Gosh, it seems such a waste to have her away.

But during the time when we were together for last semester, we were all glad we managed to do something together as a class or maybe a few of us in a small group. The Penang trip was a blast, and the Atmosphere. Haha, undescribable feeling. She's like the gem of the class. Superb brains or should I say computer brains.This is because she can memorize things word for word though it is like 2 pages long. ( Evon, I remembered those speech for Ms Stella's class that you've been memorizing OK?)

Though she is no longer with us physcially, but I do hope that she will be able to join us for any of our upcoming outings and holidays that we have every end of a semester. I'm going to miss you so much, Evon!! You have to take care there!! Best of luck!!

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