03 November 2004

i'm back!!

you guys must be missing me lots eh?

sorry for not responding to you for quite a while. busy ler.. well, went for holiday in penang with the wacky bunch of group 2. then after that busy cos do housework..haha..yes. housework as in the usual clothes folding which always grew 3 times when i'm on holiday, clothes washing [ thanks to the washing machine for helping] and ironing. phew..i just had 2 days of ironing on about 1 week of washed clothes? that was a huge mountain there. believe me..

oh well, the penang trip went well to the fact that my Ic decided to leave me and went swimming in the cool sea water. even one of the beach balls that we brought there decided to leave us and floated away from us!! haha

went to the JPN to replaced my IC and it will take 2 months from now. talk about efficient. i had my temporary IC in less than 5 minutes!! first time in history ever those people decided to speed things up. well, not exactly. it was because it was nearing to their closing time that's why and it was only 1PM..mind you.. 1PM and they are already taking a break??

ok, i had some of those penang pictures up. i've loaded pictures from derrick's camera. and now working on sharon's camera. next would be kelly's camera. well, these are the trio who owned their own camera. that's why! when is it going to be my turn?? dad isn't too keen of me having the idea to own one. so unless someone comes up with the idea to present me it.. hehe..lets see.i'll give it at least rm 1,200 for that canon ixus i had been laying my eyes on. everyone contribute rm10. so there'll be 120 ppl cipping in for it..yeah!! if you ever had this idea, i'll give you a whole list of my friends, then you group up 120 ppl from that list ok or not? haha..just kidding lar. anyway, do check on my photos at my moblog ok?

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