07 November 2004

heavy downpour causes flash floods

it has been raining cats and dogs for days now. lasting a deal longer that it use to be. i'm very upset to hear from those who has to suffer the consequences of mother nature which is floods. i was once a flood victim but i managed to fled my way to cheras at the end of august year 1996.

flash floods brings lots of things. damaged car, damaged house appliances, no electricity til the water subsides, lack of food cos there's no way you can eat out,take away or even cook though you still can, damaged rail tracks like the one happened in malacca, practically wiped out from the outside world. even now you see that people die being swept away the river. but ONE good things would be....SCHOOL'S OUT!!! that's one thing i enjoyed pretty much.

i still remember the days of floods. once it starts to rain non-stop for more than 2 hours, daddy could be seen walking outside with an umbrella to take a look at the drain to see if the water rises. practically every resident of section 25/ 82c [where i was living then] could be seen doing the same as daddy.

once the drain water level touches the lip of the drain almost pouring out, everyone would be packing up tiny stuff from the floor and shift to their rooms on the higher floor. this would be things such as books, toys, etc. then the second the water touches the gate, electrical appliances would haveto 'die'. which means no TV, no radio but LOTS of work. the chairs would be up, the refrigerator would be cleared and bricks would be placed below. gas tank would be crawling up the stairs. things start to get hectic once the water is making its way into the house faster than you can think and blink. the water rises in a split second. i was lucky i didn't die. i almost died. not died of being swept away by the water but being crushed by the refrigerator. yes, i did say the FRIDGE. i was helping daddy and mommy carrying items upstairs when the fridge decided to gave way and almost landed on me. at that time water level was at my chest level. [at that time i was a little shorter of course].

well, there it was a close call. i remember my friends and i would be seen 'swimming' or should i say playing in the water which was fun for us but for our parents it was 'dirty'. we went and catch fishes [those fishes found in the drain]. haha. played really hard in the water. what more..self-declared holiday for all students of my school SRK Taman Sri Muda [1].. after the water subsided which would be several days later, the comes the part where all kids would like also. playing with water..but this time, make it CLEAN water. everyone would be cleaning their houses inside out as if it was a festive season [well, i believe we don't clean that much during festive season at all!] we'll be rolling on the slippery falls ignoring our parents' scolding until they called it quits and opts for something harsh to threaten us which is the ever so famous CANE or ROTAN!! then all of us would keep quiet and continue to help.

daddy's car was 'vomiting' water when he opened the car door. what can you say, the water is above the car roof's level!!! thecar must have consumed too much water those days!! but daddy's cars proved that though malaysian cars do sucks, that white proton wira served us til now. and yes, it is still parked outside this house as i'm sitting here typing away. the seats were fine, only the air-conditioner on the passenger seat made up its mind and calls it quits few months back. the radiator wanted to rest when we were on our way home for chinese new year early this year. yupz..the radiator turnt rusty..of course it did, after drinking so much water when it is not supposed to. well, cleant that little thing inside out and it is still with us today with the car of course. the rest of the car..well, you might think that daddy would have changed the car or something. but no.. wait til you see this loyal wira of daddy's. but by then, who knows, daddy might wanna have a chance of his car.

thus, floods isn't all that good after all. i still have friends living in shah alam [taman sri muda is under it] and i hope they are not that affected as i can see some of them here today in MSN. i think they only escaped with minor injuries. phew.. i do miss floods at times. but if it happens here at THIS house i'm in now. my neighbours at the back would be seen swimming on their roofs.

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