12 November 2004

feast twenty-three [23]

available at friday's feast

Name 3 cosmetics/ toiletries that you use on daily basis.
none other than the toothbrush plus toothpaste, face cleanser, toilet papers!!!

Approzimately how much you exercise do you get per week, and what type of exercise is it (walking, running, swimming, etc)? exercise is super.. it is more on my hands for my holidays. cos have to sun clothes, fold clothes, iron clothes and put them away in everyone's closet. so judging fro mthat, maybe my left hand is bigger than my right..haha

Write a sentence including your favourite colour and your favourite food
I eat anything and everything is my colour.

Main Course
What famous person / celebrity do you think you look like?
tough one. i don't think i look like anyone of them cos no one ever told me. haha..i know one i'm sure. i look like the' future famous me!'

Name 2 simple things that never fails to make you happy.
receiving an SMS, email or miss call from that special someone everyone as well!!

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