03 November 2004

done with pics

okie dokie. i'm done with sharon's pictures already. still waiting for kelly's. anyway, you can view it here at my moblog.

currently doing nothing except sending mass testimonials to everyone in my list of the same smiley face which is so cute! don't worry, if you haven't gotten yours, it'll be coming. i just hope it turns out the way i wanted. as in the face of that smiley.

went to pasar malam earlier. no dinner so went there with mom and sis for dinner plus 'ta pau-ing' for daddy. nothing much there to be bought cos no money. but i have so many things in my mind that i wanted so much. maybe i'll get them after i start collecting money. but then. holiday = no allowance. darn... so can't collect $$$ to buy stuff. have to wait til 17nov. cos classes will resume then.

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