29 November 2004


haha..the name suggested that this would revolved around me. yes, i'm the dbkl of the wong's residence. today is my mom's last batch of kids to have a small party. burgers are their main meal. so there, melinda goes frying burger patties, while i was answering a follow-up marketing survey wit han auntie at the porch on dettol. [ mind you, i receive 3 bars of dettol soap and 1 bottle of shower gel to be use because of it. haha..]

so, there were only 8 of the kids and melinda fried 9. no ones wants it, so the dbkl has to take it. lucky for me, mabel decided to help me finished up that thingy. now i will NOT be eating burgers for the following months as i have been comsuming them for the past 3 days straight. today's lunch was also burger which i didn't take cos i ate at college during my break. lucky me again!!


Sharon said...

haha talk only. the following week, i'll take you to mcd's and i'll make you eat a burger. lol.

hey i moved to ;)

melissa said...

okie dokie sharon.changing your links right now..

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