09 November 2004

blind musical genius

Yupz! That's what or should it be who I will be typing on for today. The musical genius who is also blind. By now, I believe I might have made you run through the name of singers you have known in your life to know who I am talking about here. He's no ordinary person. Special in his own ways.

He is born as Steveland Judkins on 13 May 1950 in Saginaw, Michigan, USA. He later prefers to be known as Steveland Morris after his mother's married name. So, do you know who is he now? Well, he's none other than theone who did a duet with 98° once for the Mulan soundtrack - True To Your Heart. Yes, that's him all right. STEVIE WONDER!!!!

Wonder was placed in an incubator immediately after birth, he was given too much oxygen that eventually made suffer from permannent blindness. [ so, if you ever have a baby who is born premature, make sure the doctor doesn't give too much oxygen!! ] He is a strong person despite him being blind. He began to learn the piano at the age of seven. Plus point is he mastered the art of drums and harmonica by the age of nine [I don't even know what I was doing then. playing 'chasing chasing' I suppose]

He joined the church choir after his family moved to Detriot in 1954. He was later discovered by Ronnie White of the Miracles (1961), who arranged for him an audition with Motown Records. Berry Gordy immediately signed him renaming him ' Little Stevie Wonder '. The 'Little' was later dropped in 1964.

Now he is a father of 7 children. The youngest being only 2 years old.

Let's see 1961. He was only 11. I repeat 11 when he got sign by Motown. Isn't he a genius. Well, I won't continue talking on his biography which might not interest you much. You can find it up yourself just by typing in the words ' Stevie Wonder ' at the search itenary. Why he is in my entry today? It is because I admire his determination, his strong will, his dedication. I never have so much heart to do something I like because I love so many things that I do not know where to start. He's a great person. His blindness doesn't not deter him from doing things though it is not his fault that he is blind.

OK, so after a decade of not producing any CDs for us to listen, Stevie Wonder just made one for us!! His music is back!! The title of the album is called ' A Time To Love ' which on the covers is written as 'A' followed by the symbol of a 'clock' [which is time], then 2 [which is to] and lastly a heart [ which symbols love] ...perfect combination that I would never have thought of!!!

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