16 October 2004

why people take pictures

"Move in closer. Yes. OK. Now 1, 2, 3." Or maybe just a simple "Smile!" These are normally what we say when we are about to take a picture. We loved to have our pictures taken don’t we? That also depends why it is taken as well.

So what are pictures? Pictures could be paintings or drawings, a film about to be screen on the cinema. But here, I will be talking on pictures as in photographs. So, why do people take pictures?

Just like you and me, we carry our cameras along whenever we know that we would have the chance to take pictures. Generally, everyone takes pictures for a purpose.

Government needs our pictures to make identification cards and passports for us. This is so that you would be recognized straight away just by flashing your identification card whenever you need to. And it also applies to your passport.

Colleges and some schools have their own way to verify their own students. As the students enroll themselves into a particular college or school, they would have their picture taken. This is to create an identification tag for them. With this tag, they would be able to roam freely in college or the school grounds and use its facilities.

Remember those days in school, where they use to take class photos every year? Well, these are the pictures which will be compiled and put into a book called the school’s yearbook. With these yearbooks, you’ll be able to recall your schooling life and the friends you have been with.

Journalists take pictures for news coverage. Notice that main news comes with pictures in your newspapers. I believe you also take pictures to compile them as a report whenever you organize an activity or an event or even as a participant for an event that you are sent to.

Pictures of goods and samples are taken by suppliers. This is so that their customers will be able to make their orders by looking at the pictures. Here are some examples of sample pictures provided by a company selling uniform attires.

Have you ever seen pictures taken by professionals? Their pictures are beautiful. Their pictures consist of flowers, buildings, people and their lifestyle. And there is one where they would sit at the same position taking the same sky with the elapsed of 2 minutes apart to capture the changes of the morning sky or the setting sun! Their pictures are so wonderful that everyone has a different interpretation on some of their pictures. What more, you and your friend might have different thoughts for the same picture!

Last but not least, why do you people take pictures? I am very sure to affirm that your parents do used to take pictures of you when you are way younger. Your first walk, your first concert, you and your first sibling, you in funny and amusing actions and lots more! But now, you are the one clicking the camera away with your family and friends at any occasion you can grab your hands on. Such as birthdays, farewells, gatherings, holidays and many more or maybe a picture for your pen pals.

As you can see, describing something or someone is a little difficult as everyone has a different idea of that particular thing or person. Thus, we can see that pictures do play their role here by minimizing all the misunderstandings that could occur. That explains why people take pictures. So why wait, start flashing your cameras away right now. Pictures not only paint a thousand words but also a million words!

[ps: there are suppose tobe pictures. but i'm unable to post it here.sorry. but do please comment asap. thx]


Anonymous said...

k2 here...juz to lazy to log in ;P
and owh my...looks like uve got urself a new toy.manipulating all those vocabs and then garnishin it wit fowery lines to make a beautiful article bout photographing.two thumbs up from k2 and k2 dun goes around praising ppl...wahahah lol..keep those entries comin in will ya?

Anonymous said...

And because a picture is worth a thousand words.

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