18 October 2004

today is the day

today is the day i'll be gambling with 40% in my hands. everything is up to me. everything i do will predict what i'll be getting out of that 40%. i'm so dead nervous that it is freaking me up.

oh ya, i just realised that i didn't mention in the previous post that that article on 'why people take pictures' is actually what i'll be speaking on today. yes, the pictures will be up in my power point. yes, today is my public speaking finals. and i'm the fourth person in line. it will be starting at 2pm or is it 2.30pm? have to check again.

i'm so dead. i can't memorize my speech. what am i going to do? i'm so tired right now that i feel like sleeping but i just can't sleep in peace knowing what is going to happen today.i've already been a walking zombie for a week right now because of this. and i haven't even studied for my papers for tuesday yet. so, technically, today is my everything-also-have-to-study day. i'm so dead. really dead. all i can hope is to pass everything. well, generally not only pass but with the minimum of a B+ would brighten my day. haha..gosh, what am i going to do......

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