10 October 2004


today is my most busiest day i think..

7.00am - reached brickfields to help mrs yeow to cut fruits for the rojak sale at desa pandan.. billie, yun har, siew mei and sook yin were there as well. - left brickfields to go to general hospital for the khidmat hospital. took monorail and stopped at chow kit station. walked like hell just to find the paedetric ward. general hospital is NOT small..mind you.

9.25am - at last!! i found the paedetric ward and luckily i found the others coz i couldn't get pn anidah and mei yan and i don't know who else were there as well.

12.00pm - left general hospital.followed cik zuhaidah's car back to sab with the rest of th esab girls. some in pn wan's unser as well. cik zuhaidah drove her wira. well, sab, so long since i last stepped in there. kids were taking their mrsm entrance exam.

12.45pm - left sab to go to desa pandan.followed pn anidah there.

1.00pm - luckily that place is easy to find. not that secluded. so helped to sell the fruit rojak, pickled mangoes, guava..

3.30pm - packed up and left back for brickfields.

4.25pm - followed billie to mid valley in mrs yeow's car.

7.30pm - left mid valley after a short window shopping and dinner..

8.00pm - reached home, bathe and out to leisure mall...

11.00pm - came home after a dinner at maideen..dun worry i din eat a lot lar..i was so darn full..and there is no water in my house since 12pm according to my dad!!!

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