04 October 2004

photoshop madness

okok, the title doesn't mean a good thing though i'm really into photoshop and the wonders it could create to pictures. my photoshop madness is my assignment due on wednesday which i have to finish by tuesday so that i could print it out on both normal A4 paper and glossy paper [ a little like the normal photo paper] ..

now, now, now... the photoshop assignment isn't as easy as those normal stuff i learn in class. it's a combination of everything. i am to create either a breakfast / lunch / dinner table setting with 6 images of utensils. now, finding pictures is easy to you right? well, that was what i thought at first as well until i actually do it. not every picture can be used!! it depends on your table angle before you could actually decide which fork could go with it. this is because every picture found on the internet is taken at different angles [ though i could flip it], the shadows and the light source from the each picture is different. thus choosing the right picture for the assignment is tough!!

well after so many days, i only did the table, a plate of breakfast and a glass of ice lemon tea. and i haven't included any effects yet. but before that, i'll have to ask the ms tessie if she allows pictures that has food / drinks in it. i just hope she says yes..crossing my fingers and praying really hard....

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