13 October 2004

jaya jusco

i though of going to jaya jusco to get a black skirt for my public speaking finals. and hell, those formal skirts that used to be there are missing! being replace with formal jacket [ the suit pieces]..darn.. going to have to go to somewhere else to get that skirt. well, i wanted it black because it is a must to go in black stocking and black court don't tell me to appear in white skirt to go with those two black stuff right?

anyway, some aunty got her pocket picked. well, not pocket but her small sling pouch! she was with 3 of her other friends i think shopping for clothes. then she notice someone was behind her [a malay lady according to her] but she never noticed that she was actually pick pocketing her [ does such word exist?]..after she found out, mum went and ask her what's wrong. well, mum was close and they were loud and caught mum's attention of course. mum told her to make a police report cos she has her id and stuff inside the wallet right? [police station is just next door what] and guess what did that aunty say?

in cantonese, " luckily inside got no much money. i took out a total of rm300 to pay for my good already. " and she continued shopping by heading to the supermarket with the 3 others.. wow, imagine, like this also can? i think if it happens on me, i'll be so upset til i don't know what to do!! haha..

1 comment:

melissa said...

so..remember to take care of your things esp your won't want to go through the hassle of reapplying your ic and stuff again..

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